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How to grind coffee

Once you own a grinder, you will realize that grinding coffee beans is not only easy but quite rewarding too. You can adjust the grind settings and get the desired type of ground coffee without losing its aroma or flavor which is often something that most users complain about in pre-packaged ground coffee. You might be thinking that it is time-consuming and would be too complicated to perform but in fact, it couldn’t be any easier.

Want to know how you can grind your coffee beans at home? Here you can find best grind and brew coffee machines. Then just follow our advice and you would be able to use fresh ground coffee for your brew from now on.

Steps Involved:

  1. The first step towards grinding your own coffee beans would be to determine the type of grinder you will need to match your coffee maker. You would need to choose an appropriate grinder depending on the type of coffee you want to make. You have three types of grinders to choose from: hand grinder, blade grinder, and a burr grinder.

Blade Grinder:

If you want your coffee grinds to be coarse, medium coarse, very coarse, or medium, then you need to choose a blade grinder for yourself. This type of grinder is perfect for making drip coffees, French press, and cold brews. In this type of coffee grinder, you put the coffee beans in the top reservoir and then press down on its lid to make the blades move and chop up the coffee beans into smaller pieces.

Burr Grinder:

This type of grinder is effective in producing medium fine, fine and very finely ground coffee and is ideal for making an Espresso or a Turkish coffee. This type of grinder can provide you an even and finely ground coffee and tend to be a little more expensive than the blade grinders.

Hand Grinder:

The last but not the least, a hand grinder is ideal for all those people who don’t mind a little effort and want to buy a cheap grinder for themselves. In this type of grinder, you load the coffee beans into the canister and then rotate the handle so that the burrs move inside the grinder. Drip coffee makers are really good, you can check best drip coffee machines under 600.

1. Once you have decided on a grinder for yourself and bought it finally for your home, you need to ensure that you don’t grind coffee one week before the brew. Make sure you grind your coffee fresh and use it immediately as this helps in retaining the aroma of the coffee.

2. Now, you need to measure out your coffee beans for the grind. You might need to experiment a little depending on the coffee maker or the grinder but usually, 2 tablespoons of coffee beans are ideal for a cup of coffee.

3. Now, once you have measured out your coffee beans, you need to pour them into the canister or the reservoir which would be located on the top of the grinder. In the case of a burr grinder, you would just need to shut the lid and choose a grind setting and it will grind the coffee beans itself. For a blade grinder, you would need to press down on the lid and shake the grinder in between to get an evenly ground coffee. In the case of a hand grinder, you would need to pump the handle for the blade to move inside and grind the beans.

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