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Most professionals will admit that doing things for themselves is so hard. It’s been a long haul, but we’re finally (almost) done. I’m sure a few of you will be amused that we painted the kitchen cabinets twice…I was sick of white, but the dark gray didn’t cut it in our little farmhouse. So, last weekend I painted the cabinets (to my husband’s dismay) the same color as the pantry cabinet – Benjamin Moore’s Coastal Fog. It’s a subtle green-gray that works with the floor.

Designer Room

What was paralyzing is that we were looking for something fresh and different, and ideally I would have loved to have changed the floor to some sort of graphic concrete tile, but there was no way that was going to happen. We’re so glad our new range from BlueStar inspired the kitchen facelift, despite the fact that it was a 6-month project. Ah, when you do things for yourself…I’m so much more decisive for clients.

I’ve already heard some criticism about how close the range is to the wall – but the truth is…it works great for us. In restaurants, ranges are often freestanding without counter space, and in this case, being able to move from a 30″ range to a 48″ range has given us a ton more counter space…ON the range top surface, which is awesome. We love our Prizer hood in the same enamel finish as the range! Couldn’t be happier with how it’s all turned out. A few more small projects like adding the new toekick, tiling the back wall of the coffee center, refinishing the counter stools and changing out the pendants, and we’re done. For now.


Below is what the kitchen looked like when we originally renovated the farmhouse 8 years ago.

Dark Space

And this was our first pass at the facelift – painted the cabinets gray… Love the gray, but not on wall cabinets. Too dark and heavy for space. If you liked the designer view and even want to promote your designs on our website you must fill the form here.

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