Kitchen Lab – Chicago

If you wanted to promote your brand in front of readers of  Kitchen Lab, you can sponsor a post on our website. We basically accept the sponsorships from food and kitchen blogs.  If you fall into that category, we will be happy to work with you. To advertise on this site we have the following options for you to choose from.

Display Ads

If you still want to promote your website in the old school way in the form of banners and posters. Minimum $3 cpm will be charged for fixed size independent of the platforms.

Native Content

If you want to sponsor a post you can sponsor a single post on our website, by sending in the draft or if you want us to write to you we have that option also.

Branded Article Series

If you want to get associated with any particular category of your choice, you can take the partnership opportunity. In this, you can sponsor a series of post that will be published in the same category.

If you have found out any particular package as per your needs you must fill the form below.

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